About us

We are a team of dedicated business professionals from different backgrounds who are here to help.

We take pride in providing prime business solutions that range from, but are not limited to: International Logistics, Logo and Brand Identity, Web Development, Social Media Management, Business Planning, and General Consulting.

We understand that juggling all facets of operations can pose a difficult challenge to entrepreneurs. Our experience has proven that allocating work can significantly maximize a company’s capabilities and productivity. For this reason, HubINT strives to provide comprehensive solutions that will allow entrepreneurs to allocate segments of their business directly to us. In addition, we pride ourselves in providing entrepreneurs with the comfort and the convenience of dealing with the same personnel for all their needs.

HubINT is here to help you advance with confidence.

Management team

Andres Olavarria

Andres Olavarria

Founder & CEO

Mr. Andres Olavarria graduated Hofstra University (Hempstead, NY) with a B.B.A in International Business as a member of the Honors College. Andres has years of experience ranging from reporting, risk, performance and data analysis, as well as the successful development of planning and executing business plans for a variety of entrepreneurial ventures and businesses in the United States and abroad. Utilizing his innovative and creative skill set, along with his vast experience and learning from his family-owned business in New York City, Mr. Olavarria took on a major project as a consultant for a startup business in Barranquilla, Colombia. For this project, he developed and implemented the branding, logistics, including contact with overseas vendors, and financial strategy/planning to provide the business with the tools needed to succeed.

Being fluent in English and Spanish, Mr. Olavarria has made it his mission to assist entrepreneurs and businesses achieve their business and financial goals. It is his passion to provide viable solutions, which is why Mr. Olavarria founded HubINT; to help new and existing businesses reach their full potential in an ever-changing market.

Mehtab Singh

Mehtab Singh

Co-Founder & COO

Mr. Mehtab Singh graduated from Hofstra University, with a B.B.A in International Business and minor in Economics. Mehtab has years of experience in helping companies implement marketing strategies to grow market share both nationally and internationally. Mr. Singh had the opportunity to travel to Beijing, China and utilize his skills with a Chinese Thermal Spray company. Through market research and industrial analysis, he was able to develop a business plan in which he was able to successfully help the company sell its first batch of products internationally to a South Korean automotive company. Currently, Mr. Singh helps conduct market research for Sherwin Williams in which he monitors the company's profit and loss reports and assists with quarterly forecasting. Through analyzing market segments and devising adequate business development solutions, he has been able to grow market share and increase profits by 30% for a Sherwin Williams store located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, within a single year.

Mr. Singh possesses outstanding time-management skills and his ability to grasp essential procedures has enabled him to thrive as a consultant. With global experience, fluency in English, Punjabi and Hindi, he is able to immerse himself into any type of business environment. For this reason, Mr. Singh has teamed up with Mr. Olavarria in founding HubINT; to help other individuals and companies realize their potential and take the next step in making the right choice in a business environment which is continuously changing and growing.

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